Why is Dip-San® better than my normal toilet brush?

Normal toilet brushes are well known to be germ ridden incubators, introducing harmful bacteria to our homes, places of work and hospitals. Dip-San was designed to effortlessly deal with toilet based bacteria after every use.

How does Dip-San® work ?

Dip-San has an internal reservoir which the brush head is plunged into after each use. After toilet cleaning, simply place brush back on the base unit, push down and twist a couple of times to agitate the bristles against the internal ribs. The brush then rises to the dry position totally clean for the next time.

Can I use bleach in the reservoir?

No. We advise against using bleach based products in the reservoir itself due to its corrosive properties and will significantly shorten the life expectancy of the internal spring mechanism.

Can I use Toilet Duck etc. in the toilet then use the Dip-San®?

Yes. This will have minimal impact on the life expectance of the spring mechanism and will not affect the Lifetime Warranty.

How often do I refresh the cleaning fluid?

We recommend that the reservoir is refreshed weekly. Our 250ml bottle contains approx. 12 x 20ml doses, enough to keep your Dip-San® fresh for 3 months.

Why is the Dip-San toilet brush so expensive?

Dip-San® may appear expensive at first, however Dip-San is manufactured in the UK, comes with a Lifetime Guarantee and UK mainland delivery is always included in the price.

What is special about the Dip-San® Cleaning fluid?

Our cleaning chemical is a hospital grade QAC (Quatenery Amonium Compound). A highly effective disinfectant, used to combat C.Diff and MRSA which are transmitted in human waste, often attributed to increasing numbers of hospital acquired Infections.

Why is the Dip-San® chemical so expensive?

Dip-San cleaning fluid has been specially formulated to deal with toilet based pathogens and is highly concentrated, to be used at dilution rate of 20:1. Just 20ml is required, simply add water to the top of internal agitation ribs (approx. 330ml).

What is Biomaster Silver-Ion antimicrobial protection?

Silver is natural antimicrobial, long recognised for its ability to combat bacterial infections and is used in many everyday products. Silver ion material is added to the polypropylene masterbatch used to make Dip-San. Bacteria cannot replicate when it comes into contact with the Dip-San toilet brush.

How long does the antimicrobial coating last?

The antimicrobial material is not a coating, it is built in and will not lose its efficacy over time.

Is the Lifetime Guarantee a gimmick?

No, Dip-San® has been manufactured to the highest standards to provide many years of hygienic service. Our only condition is that bleach is NOT used inside the Dip-San® reservoir. If the spring corrodes to the point of failure we will know that a bleach based product has been used regularly inside the unit.

How long does the brush heads last?

We recommend that the brush heads are changed every 6 months. After time there will be some dis-colouration at the base of the bristles due to rusting of the metal staples used in the tufting process. To be clear, this is NOT due to bacterial dis-colouration.

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